A non-profit association founded by Marc and Max,  friends as well as passionate photographers and film-makers. We seek out unique people in the poorest regions of the world who have the vision and the will to bring about change for the better. We offer you documentaries about these people and their social engagement,  which provide us the basis for practical aid projects which we then manage and support directly.

The end product is not only successfully completed projects, or projects which we continue to manage on an ongoing basis, but also films documenting every stage. So you can be absolutely sure that your donations in cash or in kind have gone straight to their intended destination.

Our Guidelines

Our Association supports small to medium-sized projects for the provision of social, educational and humanitarian aid.

We work on a neutral and impartial basis for people in disadvantaged and structurally underdeveloped areas.  A central feature of our work is that aid is provided directly and in person. It is therefore essential for us to work with engaged and trustworthy local contacts. With their help we can get an honest and accurate picture of  the circumstances  and of the specific situation where they are. In this way we can introduce and follow through with  the most badly-needed and most effective forms of aid.

Transparency is very important to us.  We want all supporters, donors and helpers to be able to be involved in the projects right from the outset.  This is why we have produced trailers relating to each project, so that donors have the opportunity to decide for themselves how and where their donation should be used. Once a project has been brought to a successful conclusion we will release a documentary. Thus every supporter can see and judge for him/herself what has been achieved.  We hope that by so doing we will create confidence  and achieve maximum transparency.