talks & presentations

On request, we offer individual talks and presentations about Seelevel and our projects. In recent years, we have been guests in different venues.

Past events (by invitation or request):

  • In cinemas, we have shown our short documentaries followed by a discussion. This is nice for us, as in the cinema the films come into effect accordingly.
  • Interviews for SWR TV and radio stations
  • City and community halls offered us perfect conditions for talks with image and film material. Interesting discussions arose mostly by themselves.
  • From the beginning, schools and day-care centers were a great and trusting support of our work. We were invited to student meetings and teacher conferences that gathered and donated for us.
    Firthermore day-care centers and their parents’ councils are also interested supporters. They collect donations e.g. clothes and toys. With detailed information that goes beyond our normal documentation, we offer impressive insights into our work on the ground (e.g. orphanage or slum regions in Togo).
  • Sports clubs and their Christmas parties are also motivated donors.

Talk to us about your project! Short mail request to is enough.