Thursday, 30.December, 2021

Local aid project in Togo 2021


In 2021, we again supported children and young people in need from disadvantaged districts of Lomé and covered the costs for school supplies for poor children in the districts of Bassadji, Biossé, Amoutiévé and the surrounding area. We were able to fully equip a total of 69 school children. The children come from the most diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, but share the same social difficulties. Most of these children are orphans or come from very poor backgrounds.
At this point, a big compliment and thank you for our Seelevel team on site, consisting of Blaise and Aniel. Below you will find the report of the two about the action.


Like any charitable organization, the SEELEVEL association has once again given a smile to the underprivileged children of a district of Lomé who indeed, let us recall that the SEELEVEL association is not at its first attempt in Togo in terms of assistance to the underprivileged and to organized groups of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods of Lomé.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the SEELEVEL association has further invested in people by paying for school supplies to destitute children in the districts of Bassadji, Biossé, Amoutiévé and its surroundings.
69 school children have benefited from this help from the SEELEVEL association. These children come from different languages and religions but share the same social difficulties. Most of these children are orphans of either father or mother. Some children come from very poor parents or from physically or visually impaired parents.

In order to support these children in food, the association offered them rice and spaghetti.

In the continuity of activities, on 07 October, SEELEVEL association through its representatives in Togo made the same donation of school supplies to students of the general education college (CEG) of the locality of Lankouvi. In this school, 84 destitute students targeted and benefited from donations of school supplies. This is a way for the SEELEVEL association to come to their aid as a school.

The Director of the CEG warmly thanked the association for these repetitive actions in their place. He continued with other complaints like mobile laboratory (technological electricity kit) to do chemical and physical experiments for the students.

Finally, representatives of the SEELEVEL association visited the Mother Charity orphanage to greet the children of this center. This visit was marked by the official presentation of a hand washing mechanism as part of the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

In short, 153 children and adolescents have benefited from aid from the SEELEVEL association in terms of educational support.

Done in Lomé on 16 October 2021

The representatives of the SEELEVEL association in Togo:

Blaise and Aniel

Local aid project in Togo 2021