Togo “Skatboard-Ball” – A Completed Aid Project (2017/18)

The final report on this project will be published shortly.

This is what 2017-2018 looked like:


Friendships lead to aid projects

We came to this project via a friend from Togo.   Blaise came to spend a year in Germany on an NGO Exchange Project, and while he was here played in the same football club as Marc, the DJK-Ost Karlsruhe.   They became good friends and they told each other a lot about the differences in football in the two countries.    Blaise supports football groups in his country.   The young people there don’t have access  to football kit such as boots, shirts, shorts, socks and balls, but now you can help them!


In Lomé, the capital of Togo, every Friday evening at the same time a group of football enthusiasts roll on to  the main road on home-made skateboards.   They all have something in common – a physical disability.   In African society this often makes it difficult to cope with everyday life or even to get a job.

But these people in Togo haven’t let this defeat them and have joined forces to invent a new sport – skateboard-ball.   They sit on home-made boards with rollers and push themselves along using their arms.   After the game, the skateboard-ballers ask the spectators for small donations, but unfortunately these are never sufficient to enable them to live a decent life.    Despite their difficult circumstances the skateboard-ballers are enthusiastic players.   But they have none of the kit that German footballers have.    Rollers are very hard to get hold of in Togo, and are often very bad quality, which means  that the players are more likely to fall.   And  then they don’t have enough money to pay for the visits to the doctor which are so important for people with physical disabilities.   In emergency situations the community supports some individuals.     So the skateboard-ball team is a very special team.



Initially we want to give the skateboard-ball group pleasure by donating the things they need.    Team shirts, shorts, goalkeepers’ gloves, skateboards, rollers, balls, and  goal nets.   These things will allow them to play  better and more safely.  And they will also make it possible for them to bring in the money they so urgently need.

The second stage will involve trying to improve their daily lives, by providing wheel-chairs and the opportunity to take out health insurance, which is far from being universal in Togo.


We are collecting everything these boys need – team shirts, shorts, goalies’ gloves, skateboards, rollers, balls and goal nets.   Email us at if you have something to donate.    We will  come and collect  or you can send donations to our address.   Do you want to help but don’t have any equipment to donate?  As ever we need money to fund the logistics.   But another objective of this project is to set up a community fund  for medical care.   We would be very grateful for financial support. This is the link to our Crowdfunding Campaign:
Alternatively you can make a donation to our account and specify that it is for “Skateboard-ball”:

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