Tuesday, 19.February, 2019

Vote for us: 2500 € for the orphanage

To the vote:


Help us and vote for Seelevel!

Up to 2500 € gets the winner of the vote. You can vote daily. With our 10 members we are probably condemned to fail in this vote against the big clubs. But who knows, get up!

The Stadtwerke Karlsruhe promote Karlsruher clubs:

“Our heart beats for Karlsruhe.
Therefore, we help all clubs from Karlsruhe and the surrounding area to realize their heart project. Apply with your specific project, we promote 20 winners with a total of 20,000 €. The special feature: You decide which projects are funded. We look forward to many exciting applications. “

Vote for us: 2500 € for the orphanage