Thursday, 22.February, 2018

WOW!!! Carl-Engler-Schule collects 2250 € for the Togo Project!

First and foremost:  big thank yous to Sebastian Maier, a teacher at the Carl Engler School, to the student representatives, and to all the administrative team at the school for your support for SEELEVEL. Not to mention all those who helped at and attended the Christmas bazaar, which brought in the money for your donation. Thank you so much!

The donation also set a new record for SEELEVEL – the biggest single donation we have ever received so far!

The Student Representative Body (SVM) invited me to one of their meetings to tell them a bit about SEELEVEL  and the projects we are currently working on. At the end SEELEVEL was presented with a giant cheque for 2250 €, symbolising the donation.

Marc Eisele

Press Release issued by Carl-Engler-Schule

As part of this year’s traditional Christmas celebrations at  the Carl Engler school, Karlsruhe,  the student representatives council  organised a bazaar. Classes sold things to eat and drink, or small gifts that they had made themselves such as candles, bath salts, or biscuits. Every year the profits from the Bazaar are donated to a non-profit organization. This year the beneficiary was the Karlsruhe SEELEVEL  Association.    SEELEVEL supports sports projects in the poorest regions of the world – it is currently sponsoring two projects in Togo, Football boots for the barefooted,  and Skateboard football. The school also made a Christmas collection of   donations in kind, such as football boots and shirts. The Headteacher  of the Carl Engler School, Mr Matthias Walter, and the student representative, Johannes Fries,  presented the founder of SEELEVEL,   Marc Eisele, with a cheque for 2250 € and the donations in kind.

WOW!!! Carl-Engler-Schule collects 2250 € for the Togo Project!